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To act per the interest of aspirants in providing the highest quality of education and exceed their expectations

Why Samadhan?

  • Mentoring by Ex Registrar of High Court
  • Case Study based teaching for better understanding
  • One to one counseling
  • Topic-specific doubt clearing sessions
  • Make up for missed classes by access to recorded sessions
  • Limited batch size with unlimited assistance
  • Mock exams/assessments
  • Personalized feedback


Different courses offered by Samadhan


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The Plight of Migrant Laborers

There appear much confusion and deliberations about this. Social media is fraught with various opinions justifying their own thought. I have come across intellectuals commenting on the plight of laborers as human trafficking. Also, there are opinions reflecting Government indifference and sloth in tackling the problems faced by them. At…
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Disposal of Property

Section 451 to 453 Section 451 Order for custody and disposal of property pending trial in certain cases. When any property is produced before any Criminal Court during any inquiry or trial, the Court may make such order as it thinks fit for the proper custody of such property pending…
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Transfer of Property Act

Appreciating Section 7 Transfer of Property Act Competency, Entitlement and Authorisation are there terms used in this provision. It reflects that anybody or everybody has no capacity to make the transfer. Competency has to be in a person to make a transfer. We are well aware that for entering into…
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