There is much hue and cry over this. Prima facie picture reveals that a group of persons are dead against it for the fact that they are correlating it with NCR, Whch is deemed as National citizen’s register. However it appears fallacious in view of the fact that CAA is for conferring citizenship and not for any other purpose. On the contrary NCR is simply maintaining a register of citizens of a particular Those making attempt to link it must appreciate that neither of these two has to do anything with taking away citizenship. As such Indian citizens have nothing to worry for these. Those already citizen cannot be touched by any stretch of imagination in respect of the rights which they enjoy as citizens.Anything said or done in this regard appear only misinterpretation and for the purpose of creating confusion in the mind of our citizens so that political mileage may be taken. If a person is citizen at present, how his status would be affected if another ten persons are conferred citizenship.At best he can argue that the resources may be distributed with other ten, but this analogy is not right of a citizen because number of citizens are always flexible and dynamic and it can never be static. Moreover determination of either conferring citizenship or taking it has always been the prerogative of Nation State because it is the States responsibility to maintain and look after the rights of all citizens particularly in a Democratic set up.


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